domenica 20 marzo 2011

hi people!

Hi people!
Well first of all i’ve never been good at describing myself, well actually i never liked it. I could talk for hours and hours of things that appassionate me, of people I know, of ideas that I have, dreams that i chase, but of me i really don’t know how. I don’t know, maybe its beacause even I don’t know myself that deep, yeah I think that’s why. I’m a 18 year old girl. I could have a paper long a kilometer to talk about things that i like and that I don’t, how everybody does, but it’s impossible. That’s why I’ll say only the things that come to my mind. I love fashion. For me it’s a real passion, it’s a way to relax myself, to disconnect myself from the world that surronds me and recharge myself. That’s why since I was little, i used to make dresses to my barbie’s, for making them model with ken :D. Know instead I make dresses for me and my friends. Everytime that I sew a dress, it makes my feel in a certain way like an artist that has in front of him his masterpiece and well yeah for me my creations are my little masterpieaces. I’m a particular person. That’s why sometimes i have to listen to myself. Yeah beacause for me or it’s black or it’s white, or it’s yes or it’s no. My boyfriend and my friend’s say that I have a lot of personality, that I’m a complicated person and well in a sort of way I like it when they say it to me. I think it’s important to have personality. I don’t like people that make themselves command from others, that are influenced by others, and that do things to please others. I like authenticity. I like to write, I think it’s a way to say things that you don’t know how to say in words. Since it’s my first blog I wanted to tell you all these things, the reasons of why I wanted to start a fashion and personal style blog. My passion for fashion is so much more then just loving the shops and shopping. I love it beacause I think it’s a way of expressing ourselfs with even talking. Well, saying this, I hope that I didn’t bore anybody, and hope you all like my page. Fell free to drop a line and say hello!



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  1. Eccomi! Sono subito passata a vederti! Bel blog. Credo che abbiamo in comune sia l'amore per la moda ma anche per il creare nuovi outfit con le nostre mani! Potremmo seguirci! Ti seguo volentieri :)

    Baci, Letizia :)

  2. Grazie mille lety! :) si potremo seguirci,,ti seguo piu che volentiri,,baci! :)

  3. Benvenuta nel mondo dei blog e grazie per essere passat ada me!!!

  4. wow that palce is beautiful? is that from where you live? lovely!

  5. ciao eleonora!! grazie per il carinissimo commento sul mio blog! benvenuta con il tuo nuovo blog!!! ;)