domenica 27 marzo 2011

Love spring.

I don't know you guys, but i love spring,,absolutely love it,,it gives me the feeling of a new start, a new sensation in the air, the sun finally came out, so in these days i can finally wear out my sunglasses,,and leather jackets (even if i wear them also in winter :D when its not to cold),,and goodbye hats and gloves,,today i have my fashion school runway,,i'll post the photos :) so you can all tell me what you think,,well gotta go get ready to go out,,have a great sunday you all. I'll leave you all with the shirt i made,,tell me what you all think :D i love comments,,because i think they help us to get better! 


2 commenti:

  1. Hai proprio ragione: la primavera mette proprio di buon umore,assolutamente!:) Bella maglia!

    Lovely, Letizia :)

  2. grazie lety :),,si adoro la primavera! :)