martedì 5 aprile 2011


Today as always, as the past 7 months was a day of studying, i can't wait for the school year to end, i can't bear it anymore, how ever for easter i'll maybe (without maybe :D) get the bag i had the eyes for a bit, the furla candy bag, i think its great for summer, i love the color in hot pink, electric blue and transparent, when i look at them i don't know why but it gives me a strange feeling, a happy feelin :), ok now you're all gonna think i'm waco, however what do you all think about them?? do you have one?? what are you're favorite colors?? :),, 


4 commenti:

  1. Le adoro tutte! In particolare quella fucsia! E sanno molto molto di primaverili, ma adatte anche all'estate! Perfette insomma, e faresti un buon acquisto!

    Passa da me, Letizia :)

  2. mi piacciono tantissimo la collezione furla di quest' anno è adorabile...le voglio uffa....

  3. nice post!
    follow you.. follow me back..

  4. Letizia: :) si e' bella anke quella fucsia :) infatti sono indecisa,,baci!
    Mery: ankiooo non vedo l'ora di prenderla,,:D
    Agus Jara: thanks for following me,,i'm glad you like my blog,,i'll pass by yours :),,